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Don't Run Your HVAC System During Construction!

Hello Everyone!

​Here is a suggestion for whomever is starting a remodel or a having a new home built. We have been servicing more and more furnaces that need to be cleaned, due to them failing on high temperatures during operation. We have been finding that the blower assembly and secondary heat exchangers are getting clogged with construction dust and debris. I would like to suggest if you are in the process of a project or thinking of one, to have your Furnace and/or Air Conditioner turned off or at the very least have the vents covered so the dust won’t get into your system. The dirt and debris is very harmful to the appliance and could cause an unsafe condition and void any warranty you may have on the unit. So, please beware. If you need us to help please contact our office and we will be pleased to help.

Thank you from us all at Tradewinds Heating And Cooling, Inc.!

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