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Heat pumps offer the extra benefit of heating and cooling capacity combined into a single unit. By way of a reversing valve, the system is able to change refrigerant flow to move heat from one location to another. Powered by electricity, a heat pump avoids the burning of fossil fuels. Instead, it takes advantage of ambient heat in the air. For especially cold weather in Wheat Ridge, CO and surrounding areas, an electric strip boosts heating power to meet demands.

These modern innovations are especially energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. There are no concerns over flames, smoke, hot surfaces, fumes or carbon emissions beyond the minor amount of electrical energy necessary to run the compressor. Plus, heat pumps effectively circulate and filter the air, removing contaminants such as dust, odors and mold spores. They are an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or respiratory sensitivities.

HVAC Installation in Wheat Ridge, CO | Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective electric heating options. In cooling mode, operation is almost identical to a conventional air conditioner. Compressed refrigerant is used to draw heat from inside the home, pass the air over the coil in the air handler and deliver it outside. The air is automatically dehumidified. In heating mode, the heat pump stops condensation from gathering on windows and other cold surfaces by thoroughly distributing warm air around the room.

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